Handcrafted Artisanal Chocolates Direct from Southwest Florida

Welcome to Haley Handcrafted Chocolates! What distinguishes our chocolates from all the rest comes when you blend the world’s finest high-cacao chocolates with the creative artistry of our founder, Patti Haley-Herndon. She launched Haley Handcrafted Chocolates as a way to share her talents as a chocolatier with other true gourmet chocolate lovers…in Southwest Florida…and beyond!

Punta Gorda Chocolate & Wine is the exclusive retailer of Haley Handcrafted Chocolates. Our velvety small-batch chocolates are created fresh daily for purchase online and are hand-selected for both flavor and presentation.

Artisanal Chocolates

Haley Handcrafted Chocolates contain only high-cacao chocolate, a term that signifies premium quality chocolate. High-cacao chocolate replaces sugar with cocoa, enhancing the chocolate’s richness and flavor. Our world-class dark chocolates must have a minimum of 70% cacao, our luxury milk chocolates at least 40% cacao, and our select caramels and white chocolates must top 35%. Our gorgeous array of chocolates range from traditional classics to exotic new innovations and scrumptious seasonal selections that highlight the freshest flavors to be found throughout the year.

Visit our Products page to view our full selection, including fudges, caramels, barks and bars and chocolate gift baskets.

Custom Creations

Special orders are welcomed and encouraged at Haley Handcrafted Chocolates. We work with brides and event planners to create customized wedding chocolates as well as personalized occasion chocolates that will linger on your guests’ taste buds long after your event has ended. Custom creations are our specialty and we take great pride in creating the perfect blend of flavors, scents, and colors that will be the talk of your next event.

Visit our Special Occasions page to learn more about custom creations and event services.