Haley Handcrafted Chocolates

Haley Handcrafted Chocolates is simply what happens when a passion for art and creativity…meets CHOCOLATE!!!!

And not just any chocolate, but the highest quality artisanal chocolates that you will ever taste!!!

At Haley Handcrafted Chocolates, our small-batch gourmet chocolates are individually created and crafted daily by hand to ensure quality and freshness. There are no mass-produced, assembly-line chocolates here! We create indulgence in every bite!

We want you to experience our chocolates with all of your senses: see the beautiful colors of the chocolates we create, smell the glorious scents, hear the crisp snap as you take your first bite, feel the velvety chocolate, and taste the wonderful explosion of mouthwatering flavors on your tongue!!!

We know you will absolutely SAVOR the Haley Handcrafted Chocolates experience!!!

Meet Our Owner/Chocolatier: Patti Haley-Herndon

Patti Haley-Herndon walked away from a successful career of 17 years in banking and finance to follow her dream of operating a shop that would merge her twin passions of wine and chocolate. Her quick ascension as a wine expert to the Guild of Sommeliers and her notable talent for crafting artisan chocolates developed during her 20 years in the restaurant industry, created the perfect foundation for culinary greatness. A graduate of  Ecole Chocolat, she continues to find innovative and exciting ways to showcase flavor and art.

Patti tirelessly donates her time to an array of philanthropic ventures such as Habitat for Humanity and animal sanctuaries CROW and Octagon. As the daughter of a World War II Veteran, Patti has worked with Veterans Assistance Programs and VFWs throughout SW Florida.

Where To Buy Haley Handcrafted Chocolates

Haley Handcrafted Chocolates is a small-batch, boutique chocolatier. Punta Gorda Chocolate & Wine is the exclusive retailer for Haley Handcrafted Chocolates. You can order online or call us direct at 941-505-0479.