The Haley Story

The Chocolate Lover &

The Inspiration in my Life…

My Dad – George Earl Haley!

Belly Gunner World War II Veteran, husband, beloved father and jokester.

He taught me my work ethic, my love of home-grown vegetables & fruits, and a love of working with my hands.

Halloween was always a treat for us both.  I would come home with my candy stash and we would go through the bag to see the assortment of candy.  His love was Pecan Turtles.  Of course, he would claim all the turtles and Mars Bars for himself, and it was my pleasure just to see the joy that it brought to his face.  The thought of that smile from that simple treat stirs a lifetime of sweet memories for me.

I have been passionate about candy and chocolate for over 20 years.  Like many others, I started in a home kitchen with a friend making Old Fashioned Hard Candy.  Since I am a chocolate lover, one year I melted down the simple Merkins disks to create a Christmas chocolate, and my chocolate creations grew from there. 

Thank you, Connie, for showing me your love of cooking and sharing your Old-Fashioned Hard Candy recipe.

Year after year, I would take the week after Thanksgiving off from work to make chocolates as Christmas gifts for my friends and family.  My husband Stephan would come home each night to a chocolate mess of fudge, truffles, caramel corn, hard candy, and anything I could try.  For years, Steph supported and enjoyed all my mistakes and successes, always reassuring me to keep on my path.

As my dream of a wine and chocolate shop started to take shape with the encouragement of dear friends and my husband, it was always my dad that was on my shoulder looking over me and letting me know I could do this.

When we made the decision together to finally do this, it was Steph who suggested to name our chocolate line after my dad. At that moment, Haley Handcrafted Chocolates was born! 

Haley Handcrafted Chocolates is my tribute to a World War II Veteran – a lover of chocolate – my source of independence – and my personal guide through the journey that has been my life… I love you, Dad.

Finally, thank you with all my heart to my loving husband & soulmate, Steph, for always encouraging me to chase my dreams and for believing in me no matter what… I love you, Steph.

So, we are here today, in honor of my dad – George Earl Haley!

My dad’s smile was contagious!

We strive every day to bring that same smile to you!

Let’s Taste the Good Life Together!

Patti Haley-Herndon